About US

Lifetime Value. If you're in the market for quality & value, you're in the right place.

Our company is founded on the idea that there is no focus an organization can have more important than providing VALUE to those it serves.


At Lifetime, we aim to provide value & simultaneously help our clients save time & money. We provide the longest-lasting, highest-quality epoxy flooring available, at a fair price. When you pay for a Lifetime Epoxy Floor, you pay for the best.




AddING Value, Quality, & Excellence

Every job, every time.

We're a small crew, committed to deliver big results. We've shown that to many, and we'd love a chance to show you. Quality & Excellence is what we strive to deliver in the framework of every project we put together.

Large groups and quantity are the opposite of our focus - rather, our priority is to provide quality and value for every client through the work we love to do. From start to finish, our skilled team strives to be efficient & meticulous, to create the vision that each client has for the project at hand, and to do it in a way that will go the distance.

Our experience in this industry dates to 2015 when I was introduced to basic epoxy flooring. Over the years, I have learned the best practices and most important aspects of this service, and I have also been exposed to how much cheap fraudulent work has saturated this industry. It has amazed me how many projects I come across where I am re-doing flooring that was installed incorrectly, and cheaply. DIY is great for other projects, but not for epoxy flooring. Unfortunately the internet and fakes in the coatings or painting industry have tainted the market with false services and products. This has left home owners frustrated with a simple need.

Recognizing that value is being overlooked, and having the ability to provide that value, as a full time student I decided to attempt spreading my perfectionism and skill into this industry further than just a little side work. Entering a well established industry as a rookie may seem daunting, or ill-advised. However, I am committed to excellence in every aspect of the service we provide, and in that I have placed my confidence. Although a young and growing operation, we have built a client base of 100% satisfaction, with the references to prove it.

If you are considering epoxy flooring for a garage, basement, kitchen, shop, or anywhere else, I invite you to contact Lifetime Epoxy Utah for a full disclosure of what you should and shouldn't pay for, and to get a feel for how our team is qualified to complete your project. I look forward to the chance to add value in some way to your life.

Thank you, 

The Lifetime Epoxy Utah Team