1 year or 20+

You get to choose how many years you'd like out of your floor. At Lifetime, premium is the only way, because well... nothing else makes sense. Industry leading techniques and the best products help us create floors that will outlive you.


When searching for the right epoxy flooring for your garage, home, basement, or business, focus on this general purchasing principle:

Evaluate the value of what you will be receiving, not just the price.

Evaluating price alone will lead to many poor financial decisions. Evaluating value and price together will lead to intelligent financial decisions, and saving money. To be frugal is not just to 'spend less money.' Rather, it is to spend money wisely.


It’s crucial to understand that certain things that are less-expensive now will actually cost more in the long run. This is especially true for large long-term purchases like cars, homes, appliances, or flooring - specifically, epoxy garage flooring.

We aren't offering financial lessons—we just know that anyone looking for epoxy flooring, who understands this principle, can't go wrong. Finding the best price is not exclusive to just dollars and cents; this is largely about time and effort as well. Our company is designed to give you unbeatable service & results, for an incredible price.


Inadequately prepared and installed epoxy floors will last as little as a few weeks before they will begin to flake, chip, and fade. On this path, your garage floor will rapidly look worse than before the coating, and in the end you've essentially flushed hundreds of dollars down the drain. Continuing to pay for this 'cheaper' option to replace your garage epoxy floor every few weeks/months would be ludicrous! Quickly you'd be out thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it. 

If an epoxy floor doesn’t meet the standards of installation tied to each Lifetime Epoxy Floor - it’s simply not worth the money.

At Lifetime we pride ourselves in providing the highest-quality epoxy flooring on the market, along with the peace of mind that accompanies 'paying for premium'. When your professionally installed Lifetime Epoxy Floor is finished, you can rest easy and forget about peeling, flaking or fading. You will never need invest more time, money, or worry into your garage flooring - just enjoy for years.

free consultation

Where it all begins.

We are here to bring your ideas to life. We will begin with learning about what you have in mind for your project, and what you envision. As we measure and inspect your project area, we can then create a plan with you and help you choose the best products & colors that will bring your vision into reality.