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Our Process

Epoxy Flooring: our expertise

Our service is about style, protection, and durability. Made up of the highest quality processes, products, and methods, our floors cannot be matched.

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Our crew is highly trained and up to date on epoxy flooring installation practices. We've chosen to focus on perfecting our craft in the niche market of quality epoxy flooring rather than spreading our efforts across the broad spectrum of mid-level concrete work. Quality over quantity is at the heart of how we do everything.

Epoxy resins are an incredible flooring solution in residential and commercial spaces, including outdoor spaces when coated with proper products and  topcoats that are UV stable.

Garages, Warehouses, commercial kitchens, decks, porches, pool surrounds, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and more are all areas that can benefit greatly from a resin based floor.

precision on every project -

Expect excellence.

The quality we promise is founded in our installation process. We are confident that we provide the highest quality epoxy flooring service available.



To ensure a Lifetime bond between epoxy & surface area is attainable. All areas that the coating will cover is hit with the grinder.

2 - Precision Vacuuming & Cleaning

To eliminate all dust & dirt from the concrete, cracks, and corners, to ensuring the proper bond can take place in every little spot.

3 - Delicate Taping & Lining

To ensure there are no areas that the coating can begin peeling or cracking. Also, to ensure cleanliness & protection to any walls.

4 - Epoxy Primer Coat

To create the Lifetime bond between epoxy & surface area.

5 - Epoxy Broadcast Coat

To provide the strength, durability, beauty, & aesthetics that an epoxy coating is promised to deliver.

6 - Vinyl Flakes

To add a durable, beautiful, & timeless look to your floor. Flakes are applied to your desired thickness. 

7 - TWO Protective Top-coats

To seal & protect against oils or other spills penetrating. This coat provides an easy to clean, incredible gloss finish to your floor.


free consultation

We want to bring your epoxy ideas to life.

We will begin with learning about what you have in mind for your project, and what you envision. As we measure and inspect your project area, we can then create a plan with you and help you choose the best products & colors that will bring your vision into reality.